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Purefolk is all about living well, being pure and drinking tea, whilst being kind to people and the planet. 



A cup of tea can simultaneously represent the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company. In a world of disconnect and distraction, the humble cuppa becomes a daily ritual to take time-out, reflect, connect, re-centre and ground oneself. 

Steeped in history and cultural ritual, tea is enjoyed and embraced in every country of the world.  From Morroccan mint, to japanese green tea ceremonies, its abundantly rich in health benefits, tastes amazing, and is an affordably luxury that we all deserve.

Here at Purefolk, we don't compromise on quality. From how we make and blend our tea, to the ingredients we select, it has to be the best. We want our customers to be embraced with exquisite tastes, exotic aroma's and exciting tea recipe's from cultures all over the world. 


Purefolk was founded in Currumbin, Australia in 2022 by long-time friends Jacqui and Anneliese. With a shared ethos around pure living and a passion for health and wellbeing, a brand was born from laughter, friendship and cups of tea.

We source all of our ingredients from premium suppliers and growers and we try and source Australia ingredients where we can.

Our very own naturopath Jacqui and her passionate love of all things health develops and formulates all of our wellness and herbal teas. Organic premium grade ingredients are carefully selected, considered and blended to promote and support your health and wellbeing without compromising on flavour.

We want our customers to be part of the Purefolk story, part of our community, and most importantly we want people to be kind to themselves, their bodies, each other and the planet. So join us and live well, be pure and drink tea. 


Kind to people and planet. That's our key value proposition. We're a small company that believes quality, craftsmanship, people and planet are just as important as profit, when it comes to running a business.

Only organic, premium grade ingredients, sourced from ethical and sustainably minded suppliers and growers are used in our tea's.  

Our packaging contains no plastic. Our clear bags are made from natureflex, a biodegradable cellulose made from wood pulp, sourced from responsibly-managed plantations. They're compostable so don't throw them in your recycling bin. Our boxes are made from FSC board tied with hemp string.

Being a new business, we plan to contribute and do a lot more towards healing our planet as we grow and are able.

We want to be part of the solution and take our role as caretakers of this wonderful planet seriously.

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