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  • Is your tea gluten free?
    Yes, all our teas are tested and are gluten free
  • How much tea should I drink?
    The biggest mistake often made with health products is thinking "the more I drink, the healthier I will be". The reality is too much of anything is not good for you, even if it's healthy. The type of tea you have, will depend on how much we recommend you drink. With teas that contain caffeine we recommend no more than 2-3 cups a day before 2:30pm in the afternoon so it doesn't affect your sleep.
  • Does your tea contain any pesticides or chemicals?
    There are no chemicals or pesticides in our tea. Nor do we add any natural or artificial flavours. All of our ingredients is organic with most being certified organic. We ensure all of our suppliers are HACCP and ACO certified with each batch tested.
  • Is it safe to drink your tea if I am pregnant or breast-feeding ?
    Every pregnancy is unique so we recommend you always check with your health practitioner before consuming any herbal teas as a blended one may contain a herb that is unsuitable for your pregnancy.
  • Do you have any stockists?
    We currently have a small number of stockists in the local Byron Bay region only. Whilst we haven't released these online, stay tuned and we will make this happen in the near future as we grow.
  • Does your tea contain caffeine?
    Yes, some of our teas contain caffeine. Our Sencha Green Tea and English Breakfast Tea contain caffeine.
  • Does your tea come in teabags?
    No, we only sell loose leaf tea, as only the best will do when it comes to our ingredients. Teabags are usually filled with fannings or tea “dust,” which are the small pieces of low-quality tea that are left after the higher grades of tea have been used for loose leaf. They are the cheapest grade. The bottom of the bag so to speak. Loose leaf tea is made from the whole leaves or best quality graded herbs and have a much more nuanced flavour and a higher concentration of healthy nutrients. The teabags themselves often contain chemicals, micro-plastics, and even glue which are often released into the tea due to the hot water for your consumption. Loose leaf is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • What is the best way to store my tea?
    To maintain the quality of your tea, once opened we recommend storing your tea in a dark airtight container. Also make sure to store away from heat or sunlight.
  • Is your product fair-trade?
    We ensure all our ingredients come from ethical sources around the world to support fair trade.
  • My tea looks different to the last one I ordered. Why is that?
    This is completely normal and you can be sure we always maintain a high quality product with all our ingredients. Because all of our ingredients are botanical, the time of year, when they were harvested, the location, the soil, even the bee's and other plants around the area can alter the look, colour and sometimes the flavour slightly. Rest assured what isn't affected is the health benefits of the plant as no chemicals or pesticides are involved. If you think there is a serious problem with any of the ingredients, please contact us straight away so we can find a solution. Customer satisfaction is our commitment to you :)
  • How much is it for postage?
    We are offering free shipping for orders over $65. For orders under $65, shipping is calculated by weight at checkout before you purchase your product. Most orders will be around $9.95 for major towns and cities in Australia.
  • Do you supply your products overseas?
    At the moment we only send our products Australia wide.
  • What if I change my mind after ordering or put in the wrong details?
    Your order will be processed within 1-2 days so please contact our Customer Service team asap at Please quote your order number and how you would like to correct your order. Make sure to be quick because If your order has already been shipped and incorrect information was given, you will need to make a new order and pay for redelivery.
  • What is your return policy?
    Please refer to our Shipping and Returns section found in our website footer at the bottom of every page. If you have any issues outside of these policies please contact us at
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