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Skin Glow Iced Tea Recipe

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The divine pairing of rose, rosehips, hibiscus, cardamon and fresh orange, served on ice. This iced tea recipe is an ode to the waning days of summer. Your skin and tastebuds will love it.

Skin Glow Herbal Iced Tea Recipe

As the days grow longer and the temperature begins to rise, we're all looking for ways to cool down. We love to spend lazy afternoons lounging outside, sipping cool, refreshing iced tea with the inviting sound of ice clinking in the glass, the thought of that first sip, with its icy coolness and thirst-quenching taste evokes the true essence of Australian summers.

This Skin Glow iced tea recipe is an ode to summer. It's easy to make, caffeine and processed sugar free and your skin and taste buds will thank you for it!



  • 9 heaped tsps of Purefolk Skin Glow Blend Herbal Tea

  • 8 cups of boiling filtered water

  • 1/2 orange

  • Fresh ginger slices, peeled

  • Ice to serve


There are no hard and fast rules here. You just need something to steep the tea in and then strain into a jug for serving. We use an iced tea jug that has a removable built-in strainer. If you don't have one make it an another heatproof vessel like a coffee plunger or saucepan and add the herbs loose-leaf.

  • Tea strainer - large

  • Heat Proof Iced Tea Jug, coffee plunger or Jug

  • Kettle or saucepan


This recipe is simple to make, however it does need a couple of hours to cool and develop. If you're impatient, drink it warm and leave out the ice, its still yummy! Another option is to make a cold brew, but you will need to double the amount of tea used. The recipe makes approx. 4 - 5 serves. Depending on the size of your teapot or jug, the ratio is 1 heaped teaspoon of tea to 1 cup (250ml) of filtered water with an extra heaped teaspoon for the batch.

  1. Boil water in a jug or saucepan. Use filtered water if you can.

  2. Add 9 heaped teaspoons of Purefolk Skin Glow Blend Herbal Tea to a strainer or heatproof vessel you intend to steep the tea in. Make sure you give the tea a good mix prior to use as a lot of the flavour packed ingredients will have settled to the bottom of the pack.

  3. Cut up a few fresh slices of ginger, cut away the skin and add to tea strainer.

  4. Grate some of the orange peel into your tea strainer and cut up the rest into wedges for serving.

  5. Add boiling water to jug and leave the tea strainer with ingredients in the jug until cooled. This tea won't go bitter if you steep if for longer it really comes down to how strong you want the flavour. We recommend leaving it in there as long as you can.

  6. Once cooled, remove the strainer and ingredients. If you aren't using an iced tea maker, strain your brewed tea into a seperate jug using a mesh strainer.

  7. You can cool further in the fridge if required.

  8. Serve with ice cubes and squeeze the juice of some of the orange wedges directly into the tea, garnish with more fresh orange slices and mint. If you really want to visually impress, make ice cubes out of the Skin Glow Blend tea as well. Just make an extra brew, strain and then pour into ice cubes for freezing. This also prevents the dilution of the flavours when the ice melts.

This iced tea can generally be stored in the fridge for up to 3-4 days as long as all of the ingredients have been strained out of the tea and its just liquid.

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