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Purefolk Chai Latte Spice Powder

This aromatic Chai Latte Spice Powder makes chai a breeze. It's versatile and easy, just add a spoonful to your favourite tea, coffee, or milk drink and enjoy. Each cannister makes approx. 40 cups of chai! You don’t have to worry about fillers, anti-caking agents and weird milk powders, our Chai Latte powder is just sugar and spice and all things nice. We use rapadura sugar (unrefined cane sugar) for its high molasses content, which adds a nice creamy caramel note. It's caffeine free and vegan friendly. This is the only product in our range that isn't organic, but we're working on it so stay tuned!

Chai Latte Spice Powder - 200g

GST Included
  • 200g net. wt

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