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Organic Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea

40g Canister  |  20 Serves per canister = $0.77 per cup


Raspberry leaf tea offers a gentle herbaceous flavour with a delicate balance of sweetness, earthiness and astringency. However most women don't drink this tea for its taste, they drink it for its nutrient-rich health benefits, especially to support pregnancy in the last trimester, for labour and childbirth and during post-recovery. It can also be beneficial for overall women's health, especially uterine health, and some say it can help with perimenopause, PMS and other menstrual problems. 

Organic Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea

GST Included
  • Certified Organic / Loose-leaf / Vegan / Non-GMO.

    Available in 40g canister  =  20 Serves / cups  @ $0.77 per cup

    More sizes coming soon.

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