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Organic French Earl Grey Tea

Pack Size: 95g Canister = 38 Serves @ $0.35 per cup.


Purefolk Organic French Earl Grey is a luxurious blend that features a medium-bodied bergamot infused black tea crafted with a delicate touch of sweet fruits and aromatic florals like pineapple, mango, blue cornflower, rose and calendula petals. 


This tea is perfect for a teapot. French Earl Grey was designed to be served black. The French add a fresh twig of lavender, the English a slice of fresh lemon, or orange.  Sweetener or milk are optional too.  Whichever way you choose it will be delicious.

Organic French Earl Grey Tea

GST Included
  • Organic black tea, organic pineapple pieces, shredded pineapple, blue cornflower, organic rose petals, organic calendula petals, natural flavour.

  • Add 1-2 heaped teaspoons per 250ml of hot water 100C to a teapot or strainer, add hot water and steep for 4-5 mins. Serve with a slice of fresh lemon, orange or lavender OR milk and sugar - whatever your preference.

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